About Liv

My name is Olivia Angerosa (you can call me Liv) and I am the proud author of Liv Your Style! As the title suggests, this blog is about Liv-ing your own style. While I hope I can be some kind of inspiration to you, your style is completely unique so take from this blog what you will 🙂

I am just your regular everyday girl doing what she loves most – indulging in fashion! I am an Account Coordinator at a digital marketing agency located in New Hartford, New York. This blog is a way for me to step away from the technological world and hone in on my true love in life – fashion.

I am always shopping on a budget and most of my wardrobe comes from the sale rack – but that’s what makes it fun! I have a passion for outfit building and my dream job is to style layouts for fashion advertisements. I would also love to be a personal stylist and if you ever need help crafting an outfit – I’m your girl!

On this blog you’ll see a lot of pictures of my outfits, I attempt to post one a week! And each Monday I’ll give you a new manicure to try out. You’ll also see a lot of style boards – my way of creating dream outfits I may not be able to afford 😉 and round ups of the best items from online store sale racks. I am a sale shopper through and through!

My style is a crossbreed of edgy meets girly – you’ll see a lot of black (my favorite color to wear) but often paired with soft feminine shapes and textiles.

Well, that’s just a little about me – my hope is that my blog will inspire or intrigue you, and I appreciate you stopping by!


Never let anyone stop you from pursuing your dreams.

Liv Your Style aims to inspire individuals to embrace their unique qualities. Although the world constantly forces us to believe we should act the same, this blog stresses the importance of difference and staying true to yourself.

Email: ohlivyourstyle@gmail.com

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