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Capturing the perfect manicure may seem impossible when you don’t have time or money to hit the salon for some professional pampering. However, mastering a manicure at home may actually be easier than you think! Today I am sharing three helpful tools that allow you to get that professional look, without having to leave the house!


1. Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield – This clear shield acts as a base and top coat, adding a perfect shine to any at-home manicure. It also protects your polish from chipping and peeling, keeping your nails longer and stronger than they would be with just your polish alone. It runs for about $4-$5 at your local Walmart, Walgreens or similar store, which is a worthy price to pay for a longer lasting, healthier looking manicure!

2. Deep Sea Cosmetics Nail Buffer – I personally use this particular buffer, but any nail buffer in general allows you to keep your nails from peeling and can add some shine to dull or brittle nails. Use this before applying your clear coat and polish to stimulate nail growth and to smooth the nail surface. Shop this similar block on Amazon for just $5.

3. ULTA Nail Polish Remover Pen– Performing your own manicure at home is relatively easy, but when attempting to use your non-dominant hand to paint your opposite one, every girl knows this is when it gets tricky. Nail polish ends up all over the place, especially on your skin around the nail. The ULTA Quick Touch Nail Polish Remover Pen has an easy to use tip (and comes equipped with extras) which can clean up the excess polish better than the old q-tip and nail polish remover trick – which almost always messes up your already completed nails! Available now on the ULTA website for just $5.

These are just a few tools that allow you to easily create a salon worthy manicure, every time – in the comfort of your own home! Until tomorrow, Stylers! 🙂