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Valentine’s Day is a mere 5 days away and whether you have a day planned with your someone special or an “I Hate Valentine’s Day” celebration underway, it’s tacit that you want to look your absolute best on V-Day.

Today’s Manicure Monday is one of the easiest manicures I’ve ever done and one of my favorites. The color used is Sally Hansen’s Right Said Red:

rightsaidredWith just three simple sweeps of your favorite nail polish color, you have an intricate looking design that is not difficult at all!


1. Start on the right side of your nail with one sweep of the brush going about halfway down your nail.

2. Just to the left of that stroke (the middle of the nail), create another sweep going a little further down.

3. Finally, create one more sweep on the left side of the nail going even further down, until finishing a little above the nail bed.

Voila – three easy strokes result in a fun looking, floral-esque pattern, perfect for Valentine’s Day! Try it out with a pink or red color for the special day or add sparkles or another layer of darker polish to create an even more detailed look.

Until tomorrow, Stylers!