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Hello Stylers!

This is my very first post of the New Year – welcome to 2015 everyone! I hope it has been so far, so good. This is a wonderful time of year because it means a fresh start. Everyone is in search of lifestyle changes and ways to improve themselves – including me! My new year’s resolution is to follow through on things when I say I am going to do them which means getting back into this whole blogging thing and trying my best to begin sketching and sewing clothes – one of my lifelong goals. This time of year is also excellent for the fashion girl, as the seasonal styles are changing and the sale racks are flourishing! In preparation of new inventory, some of my favorite stores are having quite amazing sales.

American Eagle is introducing their Legendary Sale which means an ADDITIONAL 50% off all clearance items and Express has an additional 40% off their clearance! Forever 21‘s clearance items are all BOGO free and PacSun is going sale-on-sale with an additional 50% off markdowns. So, if you are looking to shop, this is the time to do it, especially when you have a little bit of that Christmas money lying around!

For today’s post, I am sharing my recent purchases with you! Every item on this style board is from one of the stores mentioned above and all on sale – except for the jewelry from Forever 21 which is always relatively inexpensive.

RecentPurchasesBaroque Lace Tee – Express

Cocoon Sweater – American Eagle

Chambray Shirt – American Eagle

Drop-Chain Choker – Forever 21

Layered Charm Necklace – Forever 21

White Wash Jeans – Pac Sun

Some of these items may not be in stock online, so make sure to check your local stores! These are just a few staple items my wardrobe was missing but there are some great and unique items on those clearance racks – so many the hole burning in my pocket forced me to stop looking. Get on there and check them out!

Until tomorrow Stylers!