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Hello my Lovely Stylers!

It has been obnoxiously too long since I have last posted here and my fingers are just itching to talk fashion with you. This post will be short and sweet, but don’t fret – this slow start is just the beginning of getting Liv Your Style back into full stride! I excitingly/scarily only have about a week and a half of college left – forever. I am ready to move on and take new steps in my life, but there is always that emotion that comes with signing off a chapter indefinitely. But, as I plan on what comes next, my fashion focus will flourish again!

Today, I just quickly want to share with you this amazing pair of olive green high-waisted jeans (You know I love my olive green!). Typically, I steer clear of anything and everything high-waisted, but my boyfriend approved of these jeans that typically get the ‘mom-style’ rep, and fashion is all about trying new things and stepping out of your comfort zone! Which turned out to be a great choice because I absolutely. love. the freaking pants! Here they are:

HighWaistedAnd did I mention they were just $12 from American Eagle? The seam down the front and high zippers just make the jeans for me. Shop them online now!

Paired with a basic off-white short sleeved sweater and beanie from Burlington Coat Factory, scarf from Marshalls, brown boots from TJ Maxx!

Until tomorrow, stylers!