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My favorite thing about clothing is the versatility. While we usually run to the store when we think we have nothing to wear, what we really should be doing is getting creative. You can make a piece look completely different depending on how you pair and style it. This is one of my day to night transition looks from the other day – keeping the striped black and pink skirt in both looks!

day2nightThe left is an edgy yet work appropriate look. The skirt (Kohls) is worn over a pair of black tights (Nine West) with an acid wash button up (Pac Sun) and black vest (H&M) with black combat boots (TJ Maxx).

In order to dress the look up for a night out I added a pair of knee high socks (Urban Outfitters) and black buttoned heels (Burlington Coat Factory), complete with a graphic crop top (Pac Sun).

Two looks, for two different times of day! So next time you think you’ve run out of things to wear, try switching things up a bit! It’s a great way to test your creativity while keeping your money safely where it should be 😉