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So I came across my old blog that I started in 2011… yes three years ago. It’s pretty funny to think that this is the third blog I’ve started and I’m finally sticking with it. Third times the charm right?

Well even though lil’ old me wrote this post three years ago.. I still think it’s relevant today so I’m going to share it with ya’ll again.

The post was titled ‘Why Can’t We Be Friends’:

Why Can’t We Be Friends?

So what exactly makes up a good friend? Their ability to be loyal, how much fun you have with them or even the things they do for you… What really counts?

Throughout my life I’ve encountered many friendships. Some good, some bad, either way I’ve had my fair share. Friends are suppose to be the glue to your life; help hold you together. But friends can also be the opposite, acting as scissors and cutting your life to shreads. You must be careful who you trust because you never really know who will up and turn on you.

Types of friends in my life:

The Part-time Friend
Yeah he/she loves you and you guys have a great time when you’re together, but only sometimes. Oops.. no one else is around to hang out so they call you. They consider you a friend, but still consider their other options first.

*Watch this relationship closely. Don’t give it to much attention, only the amount it deserves. Reflect all of their actions back onto them, don’t go above and beyond.

The Un-Trustworthy Friend
You get in one little fight and he/she turns and tells everyone your deepest darkest secrets. She has no mercy when it comes to releasing your personal information.

*Steer clear of this one, karma’s a bitch and they’ll get their own. However, don’t fight fire with fire, hate is never healed with more hate.

The Un-Balanced Friend
They do more for you than you do for them and you can’t even believe it. You often question if they realize how much their actually doing for you and you appreciate them more than they know.

*Keep this friend close, and make sure they know how much you appreciate them. Also, don’t take advantage of them. Even if you notice they’ll do almost everything you ask, choose not to take advantage of how much they care for you.

The Fake Friend
You talk to them at school/work on a cordial level. You act “super excited” to see one another but as soon as you’d see them walking feet away from you at the store you’d turn the other direction to avoid the encounter.

*Sometimes there really is nothing you can do about this friend. Throughout life you may have to work with people you don’t really care for, however push through, these types of relationships are needed in life.

The Best Friend
The one who fits so perfectly you can’t even believe you’re not sisters. You say the same thing, you have the same brain and there is never a dull moment. You can leave this friend for extended periods of time but when you see each other again, you pick up right where you left off.

*Friends like these are one of a kind, when you find them, keep them close and never let them go.

In life you’ll meet people who are meant to just pass through and others who will make a long standing impact on your heart. Embrace those who will stay with you forever, you will know they are true friends the moment you meet them.

(and my old school sign off – peace, love & Liv. Yep – definitely bringing that one back!)