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Bask in your Bath

Today’s post is not about clothes or fashion – strictly lifestyle. Life is hectic, no matter who you are. We all have our share of troubles and daily torments, and if we don’t take some time to clear our heads, they often get the best of us. I’m guilty of this everyday. Between my job, preparing for school and for what’s to come after – especially with everyone in my ear about what I’m doing after college – I’m trying my best to take it one day at a time. In the past I’ve tried reading, going for a drive and taking a walk in order to relax, but without success. Finally, with an open mind, I found the absolute best and simple way to relax – a hot bath. I’m sure half of you are seeing the word ‘DUH’ flashing in your heads right now, but for a while I was way too skeptical about this simple way to wind down.

After going into the Body Shop for the first time and purchasing the New Wild Argan Oil Bubbling Bath for only $12 I couldn’t wait to try it out – I was in desperate need of some relaxation.

wild-argan-oil-solid-oil-bubble-bath_lI brought it home, tried it out and YES I say, YES. You have to fill the cap up and pour it into the tub about 3 or 4 times for a decent amount of bubbles, but between the delicious aroma and the reasonable price, I would definitely buy this product again.

So stylers – I’m urging you. At least once a week, set up your bath, bring in some candles, a beer or glass of wine (depending on your preference) and relax. Maximum comfort? Put on ‘Smooth Jazz’ Pandora and bask in your ever-comfortable glory. You deserve it.