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Going to the salon to get a manicure is probably a once-every-few-months kind of thing for me. My nails are naturally long, so there isn’t a need for me to get fakes or acrylics and I change my nail polish like a 5 year old girl that can’t decide on an ice cream flavor, so it’s never really worth paying $20 for a manicure meant to last a few weeks. The only exception is when I go home, because I love this little salon called Stylist Nails & Spa. I have found they do better work than any other place I have been and I have yet to find a worthwhile salon in Rochester. But, I only go there for the gel nail polish because I can’t do it myself, it lasts forever and it gives my nails that glossy ‘fake’ look – but it’s au naturel under there!

However, this time I swear I was acting as the guinea pig for a lady who has never done a gel manicure before – they were gloppy, melted and my nails were literally attached to my fingers. She must have thought it was just as bad as I did because when it came time to tip her she wouldn’t allow me… and hey, call me crazy, but my nails are one of my pride-and-joys so it matters to me whether or not they look good. I mean it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen. I liked the color (I’m still trying to embody Betty Draper through my orange nails) and the more I look at them, the better they look to me.

But.. next time.. I’ll think twice about dropping $20 on a manicure. Maybe it’s just better off to do it at home.

Here they are… and the picture actually makes them look pretty good!