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styleguideforguysSo I often get asked to create a post for guys or to talk about the kind of things guys should be wearing, so I decided to create a basic style guide for guys. It is based off of four popular clothing styles, relaxed, casual, semi-casual and business. These outfits can be your go-to when dressing yourself for certain occasions gentleman! You can obviously style them up or down based on your personal tastes, this is just the basics! 🙂

The relaxed outfit is something you would wear on a date to the beach, sitting at the pool or just hanging outside on a nice day. It is the most simple and basic wardrobe. Here, I paired a striped tank with a pair of long board shorts and a simple pair of sandals.

Tank (American Eagle)Shorts (American Eagle)Sandals (Quiksilver – Pac Sun)

The casual outfit can be worn on a simple lunch date or out to the movies. It is a bit dressier than the relaxed look, so if you’re trying to impress the ladies, you might opt for this attire. I chose a solid v-neck t-shirt, but you can also try a polo or striped shirt based on your taste. It’s paired with a basic pair of blue jeans. I chose a basic boot cut as most men don’t like slim or skinny jeans, but if you are feeling adventurous, you might want to try one of these cuts as well (You may be surprised!). The outfit is paired with grey VANS. You can also try a pair of Nikes if your style is more on the sporty side.

T-Shirt (PacSun)Jeans (PacSun)VANS (Zumiez)

The semi-casual outfit can be worn on a fancier dinner date or on a special occasion like your anniversary (I’m sure your lady is keeping track of this date for you 😉 ). It’s basically an upscale version of the casual look. Here I chose a classic striped button up and a pair of khaki Chino pants – they come in a variety of colors. The outfit is paired with Sperry boat shoes.

Button-Up (Forever 21)Chinos (Pac Sun)Boat Shoes (DSW)

Last but definitely not least is the business outfit. You can wear this to work if your job requires it or if it’s finally time to meet your girl’s parents. The dressiest of the looks, the business attire is for when you’re really striving to go that extra mile. I chose a dark blue button up shirt and grey dress pants. As grey is a hard color to match, I chose a pair of brown dress boots. Men, you should ALL own a pair of dress boots. They are a must and you will always look good wearing them. For this particular outfit, you will also want to wear a brown belt to tie it all together.

Button-Up (JoeFresh)Dress Pants (Express)Dress Boats (DSW)

As I said before, these outfits can be tweaked based on your own personal tastes – they are just basic examples for any gentleman who wants to look a bit more fashionable!