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Midi rings as I like to call them, also known as ‘Above the Knuckle Rings,’ are one of my favorite current jewelry fads.

The fad makes it possible to wear more rings than you usually could, placing a few of them above the knuckle.

They are relatively easy to find, and clothing stores all over have been selling them, including H&M, Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters.

Although you can buy midi rings as they are, I’ve also found a trick that makes it possible to participate in this fashion for less.

You can buy the advertised ‘Midi Rings’ or, you can simply purchase rings that are 2 sizes smaller than your normal ring size.

I usually wear a size 6 or 7 depending on the finger, so if I purchase a set of rings I want to wear as midis, I buy a size 4 or 5, and they fit perfectly above my knuckle.

A great place to find a set of rings for cheap is Burlington Coat Factory. However, if you don’t mind dishing out a few extra dollars for the perfect midi ring, check out the options on etsy.com  – they have a great selection!

Here are a few of my sets:

midiring2 midiring1