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I don’t see why not!

Some may think I’m crazy for thinking a scarf, the well known winter garment and accessory, could be just as suitable for another season.

This morning when getting ready, I put on the new feather ear cuff earrings I posted the other day. The earrings are accented with turquoise stones, so I knew I wanted to wear another piece that would highlight that.

However, I never want to be too obvious with my matching. Most people would simply put on a turquoise shirt to go with the earrings, but to me, you have to think outside of the box!

I put on black pants and a black tank because I like to have a dark canvas when color accenting. I tried a teal jacket over the tank, but it just wasn’t what i was looking for.

I was about to give up looking when I saw it. My scarf that is accented with different shades of white and blue flowers – perfect!

I hesitated for a moment and thought a scarf in the summer, will people judge?

Psh – let ’em! There will never be an incident when I don’t wear something because others wont like it – that’s the point of fashion, to express yourself!

So, I said YES to the scarf. Plus I’m wearing a tank, so it’s the perfect garment to stay warm without a jacket.


What about you, would you rock a scarf in the summer?