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Hello World.

Sorry for missing a Monday post this week! I traveled home from California over the weekend and I’m still trying to make up for my 3 hour jet lag.

When I woke up for work this morning, the clock may have said 8 am, but my internal clock was still blinking 5 am. AKA, it’s been a struggle.

Anyway, I appreciate your patience as I try to get back into my groove over here. I’m still getting adjusted with my return to reality! But, I do promise to get more Liv Your Style posts up as soon as possible.

While you’re here though, please check out the new header photo I designed on Friday with the help of my amazing and talented big sis!

That’s actually me in that picture! My sister helped cut me out, and I put some graphics on the image and designed a background.

Nothing crazy, I’m still working to improve my graphic design skills! I wish I could take more classes at school, but RIT keeps them extremely restricted to design students, so I’m left out in the cold on that one.

A short update on my life – I have finally, with the help and encouragement of my friends, gotten into Arrested Development. Not going to lie, it’s pretty funny.

I’ve watched it many times before attempting to get into it, but never really succeeded. However, this time I was desperate to find something to watch and I know way too many people who like that show to not give it another chance.

Anyway, as luck would have it, I’m diggin’ it!

What about you, are you an Arrested Development fan?

Please, stay tuned for more fashion and lifestyle posts by yours truly, Liv!

-Until Tomorrow