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I can’t help but get overwhelmed when I think about my future. If I don’t know what the next chapter of my life is,  I sit there anxiously awaiting what is to come.

It happens to me about once a month. Especially now as I move in closer on my college graduation. I’m a senior now… no more hiding behind the comfort of school.

Soon I’ll be thrown out into the real world to face my fate.

And I have no idea what to expect.

I compare my resume to other’s, and stress myself out thinking their experiences are much grander than mine.

But that has to be the least healthy thing I have ever heard of.

Especially since I preach the idea to NEVER compare yourself to someone else.

There will always be people better than you, and there will always be people worse than you. That’s just life.

And I may have talents that others don’t have. Especially ones that could help me out in future job endeavors.

In times like these, I remind myself to take a step back and handle each day at a time. No need to bite off more than I can chew. I just need to handle each and every moment as it comes.

My boyfriend once said to me that I need to have faith. And he is right.

I love to help other people and reassure them it’s going to be okay, but just like everyone else i’m sure, I have a problem telling these things to myself.

I just have to be a believer.

I have to truly believe that everything will work on in the end.

I live religiously by “Everything happens for a reason,” and I have to remind myself of just that.

I need to take a leap of faith.

Because i’m not changing anything by constantly having negative thoughts.

As long as I accomplish what I need to each day, I will get to where I need to go.

Life is too short to stress and I will never have these days back.

The key is to live life with a positive attitude to its FULL extent, each day at a time.

-Until Tomorrow.