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Hello World.

I bet you’re thinking by now, ‘Who is this crazy lady who keeps telling me to love myself?’

You’re probably even questioning my credibility of speaking on the subject.

I am simply here to stress how important it is to love yourself. Because once you do, the rest will follow.

More often then not, you will place your own self value and worth into the hands of others.

You do something because someone else tells you to, or wear something because someone else likes it.

When you go shopping, you ask your fellow companion what they think about each and every article of clothing you pick up.

It’s because in the world, it’s not only your opinion that matters, but the opinion of every person laying eyes on you that does.

Have you ever felt your body melting under the heat of someone’s glare?

People are constantly judging you, and its hard and uncomfortable because it’s something you can’t change.

Well, you can go through life worrying about what others are thinking rather than what you want, but you will end up tearing yourself apart.

The only solution is to accept that you cant control others’ opinions.

As humans, we sometimes mistake happiness induced by others for our own personal happiness. That is our downfall.

I used to have a saying, ‘you are the only one you have to sleep with at night.’ And it’s true.

People will hate you, they will judge you, they will tear you down, they will try and make you feel horrible. But who are they, and why do their opinions hold truth? They don’t. And when you start making decisions based on someone else is when self hatred can appear. Because you are too busy playing someone else’s version of happiness, you’ve lost sight of what creates your own.

You don’t need a $200 pair of ugg boots to be happy.

You don’t need a significant other who loves you to be happy.

You don’t need a brand new 2013 car to be happy.

You need the root of your personal happiness in order to feel true joy.

Your favorite meal, your favorite song.

Watching your favorite movie in your favorite pj’s.

Those are the little things in life that bring joy, but are relentlessly overlooked by the things in life we are told we must achieve.

My last blog post talks about the effect our childhood has on us.

Well this plays in here, as childhood can also effect our own opinions.

As soon as we begin interacting with children that aren’t our own siblings, we begin to live out others expectations in order to feel accepted.

We need the things they have to make us feel normal, like we fit in.

Well why are we trying so damn hard to fit in, when the only people who succeed stand out?

Would you rather go into a job interview with the same qualities as every other candidate?

Or would you rather bring your unique personal flare to the table and snag that job right up?

It’s not the normal who succeed.

It’s the crazy.

Who do the things they want, say the things they want, wear the things they want – when and if they want to.

Who dare stray from the norm. Who bring their own style.

Who march not only to the beat of their own drum, but to their own damn full orchestra.

It’s these people whom this blog is about.

Want to make a change in your life? Start living for yourself.

Because others will come and go, and you are the only one you have to sleep with at night.

-Until Tomorrow.