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Hello World.

First off, I want to apologize for my MIA status this past weekend. I was off enjoying the Fourth of July holiday with my family up at camp, which has no cellphone service or internet access. I have been going to the same campground since I’ve been in my mother’s womb, so it’s kind of a tradition.

I should mention that I come from a pretty close knit family. Those who have been around us know it can get a little crazy… but hey, we’re fun!

Anyway, when we get together, we tend to recap old times and tales, and re-tell stories that we’ve told countless times before.

As we were strolling down memory lane, my sister and I recalled some childhood horror stories from growing up.

It’s funny no matter how many years ago those horrible pubescent stages happened, we will never forget the way we felt when we were made fun of for our awkwardness…

We still remember where we were, what was said and who said it. Even though the memories were from quite some time ago, they aren’t forgotten.

No matter how popular, gorgeous or athletic you were in high school, I feel like you can still recall some degree of childhood teasing. And can still remember it to this day.

As we grow up, we try our best to forget these moments, but the fact they stain our minds like red wine on white carpet, shows how hurtful childhood teasing was.

Although I can now look back and laugh at being called Tucan Sam because of my big nose, it wasn’t always that funny.

Growing up, people can be so harsh, and as everyone is trying to establish themselves, they can often forget about others well-being along the way.

However, as we move onto college life, school work gets harder and our mental persistance is tested, but the number of people around to ‘kindly’ remind us of our flaws decreases.

As we mature and realize the real importance of life, we loosen our grip on the evil reins.

In high school, many make the mistake of viewing the situation as ‘the real world.’ But trust me, as I have gone off to college, I realize it is definitely and entirely not. It is merely a preparation for the next chapter to come in your life.

But this blog post isn’t about dwelling on the things of the past, its about realizing that everything changes. Nothing is constant forever, and change is inevitably going to be existant in your life – whether you like it or not.

I have constantly hated myself for other peoples reasons. I have beat myself up for not looking like everyone else around me.

But hey, guess what. I’m lebanese. I’ve got dark skin, a big nose, a big mouth and I’m proud.

After watching many a season of America’s Next Top Model, I have finally come to peace with Tyra Banks idea that what makes you unique, makes you beautiful.

So instead of holding in all the hatred for those moments of the past, learn to love yourself for those exact reasons.

To this day, I wear a silly band of a tucan on my right wrist. It reminds me of who I am, where I came from and to never change a thing about myself.

Learn to love yourself for being different instead of a cookie cutter. Its sometimes hard to accept, but those unique qualities are what truly make you, well, you.

So do yourself a favor, love your flaws. Because when you do, there is nothing to doubt.

-Until Tomorrow.