Winter Wear


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Hi Stylers –

It appears time is flying and I can’t seem to keep up! It’s 2016 already and this is my first blog of the year. I can hardly call blogging once a month (if lucky) consistent, but my goal is to blog as much as possible, whenever possible – that’s my promise to you.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending my sister’s performance of Sweeney Todd in Baldwinsville, NY. And of course by standard, traveling near Syracuse, NY warrants a stop at Destiny USA. It’s been quite a few months for me and I had some leftover Christmas money to blow. So of course, today I’m sharing with you a few of my favorite finds from yesterday’s fashion frisk.

image1 image2 image6

While this look is paired with a few of my forever-owned staples, (like the white crochet hat and black dress) the boots and over sized sweater are a few of my fashion finds from yesterday’s excursion.

Booties – Steve Madden

Fashion Tights – Similar tights at TJ Maxx or

Oversized Sweater – Francesca’s

Black Dress – PacSun

Crochet Hat – Burlington Coat Factory

Layered Necklace – Linsey Layne Shop Similar Styles Online

Blue Fall


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We don’t always get the luxury of 65 degree weather come the end of November, so it was clear I needed to take advantage of today by getting outside and getting a few new blog photos in. (Not to mention I had today off from work which gave me another reason and opportunity to do so!)

We’ll call this fall outfit Blue Fall. Soon I’ll be packing away all of my shorts for the winter (except for the ones I like to pair with tights and socks) so I made it a mission to get one last day with them in!


Sweater – H&M

Crochet Vest – Burlington Coat Factory

Shorts – Forever 21

Thigh Highs – JC Penney

Boots – DSW

Necklace – Charlotte Russe

Happy Fall Stylers! I hope you continue to enjoy this warm weather 🙂

-Until Tomorrow

OOTD – The Kiss of Stripes


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Hi Stylers –

I meant to get this post up here much earlier but it turns out blogging while working a full time job isn’t as easy a feat as one might imagine. But none the less – I am going to try my best to get outfits up here, even if that means sporadic posting. After all… doesn’t the saying go “better late than never”? Here’s an outfit we’ll call The Kiss of Stripes.blogimage1blogimage3 blogimage4 blogimage5 blogimage6

Oversized Jacket – Nordstrom Rack

Graphic Tee – PacSun

Shorts – Urban Outfitters

Necklaces – Express and Forever 21

Heels – Burlington Coat Factory

Concert Style @ Saranac


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It’s always hard to say goodbye to a long weekend and hello to the work week. Although there are only four days to make it through, it’s still majorly difficult to wake up in the morning! Especially after such a great weekend seeing Slightly Stoopid, Dirty Heads, and the Expandables at Saranac. Talk about a great way to end out the summer! Saranac is such a great venue because you are able to get nice and close to the band. Although the 91 degree weather made it seem like we were a bunch of sardines packed into a sauna, the concert was worth it.

Here is a look at my concert outfit from the weekend:

imagePlaid Dress – Aeropostale (Now only $16!)

Chain Necklace – Express (similar)

Heeled Booties – Lucky Brand (similar)

Zip Purse – Fossil (Shop similar here)

Manicure Monday – Perfectly Purple


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Like I promised Stylers, I’m back! And on a Labor Day Monday, what better time for a little Manicure. Lately I have been swearing by OPI. To me it seems a better bang for your buck to spend $9 on a nail polish you can get many uses out of, then throwing your luck to the wind for a minimum of $15 gel manicure (praying all the while that they can do a decent job).

Today’s Manicure Monday is fairly simple, just the latest OPI color I’ve purchased called Pamplona Purple:

nails2 purplenails1

Like this color? Visit the OPI website to see other colors you might enjoy!

Rings from H&M and Linsey Layne (my new favorite boutique).

Stay tuned for more Liv Your Style posts!

– Until Tomorrow

Manicure Monday – St Patty’s Day Stripes


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While many celebrated the St. Patrick’s Day holiday this past weekend with parades and plenty of beverages, the actual holiday is not until tomorrow the 17th of March! So for today’s Manicure Monday, I’m sharing an easy to-do stripe style inspired by the Irish holiday!

stpattysnailsSimple black tips filled in with a line of green underneath. Solely green on the ring finger so it stands out. An easy, festive manicure to try out for the holiday! Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone. As my gram always says – Wear Your Green!

Layered Up & A Pop of Color


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If there is one thing I cannot wait for, it’s the warmer weather the residents of Maryland claim we receive throughout the year. As exciting as the white walls of my apartment are, I want to get out to explore and take pictures in some of the great Maryland and DC locations! However, for now, my white walls must remain a clean backdrop for some OOTD picture taking. Today’s OOTD is my regular color palette – black and white of course – with a pop of color from my favorite pair of maroon booties!


White Lace Shirt – Express

Black & White Sweater – Jennyfer

Black Circle Skirt – PacSun

Black Tights – Nordstrom Rack

Maroon Boots – Journeys

Layered Necklace – Forever 21

Valentine’s Day Romper


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I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! My V-Day outfit this year was another AMAZING Nordstrom Rack find. Not only on sale, but also 20% off. Thank goodness my boyfriend and I decided to stay in and make dinner this year, because there is no way I would have been able to wear this number in the outside cold. A gorgeous black Topshop romper with colorful birds and silver detailing. It is truly my new favorite article of clothing. Paired with Guess heels.


3 Manicure Must-Haves


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Capturing the perfect manicure may seem impossible when you don’t have time or money to hit the salon for some professional pampering. However, mastering a manicure at home may actually be easier than you think! Today I am sharing three helpful tools that allow you to get that professional look, without having to leave the house!


1. Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield – This clear shield acts as a base and top coat, adding a perfect shine to any at-home manicure. It also protects your polish from chipping and peeling, keeping your nails longer and stronger than they would be with just your polish alone. It runs for about $4-$5 at your local Walmart, Walgreens or similar store, which is a worthy price to pay for a longer lasting, healthier looking manicure!

2. Deep Sea Cosmetics Nail Buffer – I personally use this particular buffer, but any nail buffer in general allows you to keep your nails from peeling and can add some shine to dull or brittle nails. Use this before applying your clear coat and polish to stimulate nail growth and to smooth the nail surface. Shop this similar block on Amazon for just $5.

3. ULTA Nail Polish Remover Pen– Performing your own manicure at home is relatively easy, but when attempting to use your non-dominant hand to paint your opposite one, every girl knows this is when it gets tricky. Nail polish ends up all over the place, especially on your skin around the nail. The ULTA Quick Touch Nail Polish Remover Pen has an easy to use tip (and comes equipped with extras) which can clean up the excess polish better than the old q-tip and nail polish remover trick – which almost always messes up your already completed nails! Available now on the ULTA website for just $5.

These are just a few tools that allow you to easily create a salon worthy manicure, every time – in the comfort of your own home! Until tomorrow, Stylers! 🙂

Tribal to the Max


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As you may or may not know, I am officially no longer a resident of the state of New York. I now live in Maryland which has been a big change for me, but I have to say I do enjoy the warmer weather! One of the greatest things about MD is that I have found some stores here that weren’t around Upstate. One of my favorites is the Nordstrom Rack – it is now my go-to store for everything fashion. The maxi skirt I’m sharing in my OOTD post today was just $10! While I am still living on a tight budget, it was clearly a sale I couldn’t pass up. Get to shopping at the Nordstrom Rack online now!

Here was the maxi skirt styled in my outfit from last night:



Maxi Skirt – Nordstrom Rack

Shirt – H&M

Boots – Target

And this beautiful necklace previously belonged to my boyfriend’s grandmother so I believed it deserved a shot of its own:

green2That’s just a quick look OOTD today – stay tuned for more upcoming posts on Liv Your Style!

Until tomorrow, Stylers!