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Hi Stylers,

What kind of blogger am I? To leave you all high and dry for what… 6months?! Eek, I am disappointed in myself, especially since my blog is something I’ve been extremely proud of. Truthfully, a lot of changes have been happening in my life and I’ve been trying to get myself into the swing of things. As I previously mentioned, I had moved down to Maryland and spent quite a few months looking for a job. I found myself back in retail working as an Assistant Manager at Aeropostale, and while fashion is my passion and it was great to be in the field that I hold so dear to my heart (and met some amazing people at that) I felt I wasn’t utilizing my full potential.

But then the unthinkable happened. Somehow I landed what can be practically considered my dream job in my hometown of Utica, NY. And, while some might question me for moving back home, it was a move that has the potential to jump start my career and it had to be done. Leaving my boyfriend behind in Maryland was difficult, but I am confident every step in this wild ride we call life counts, and I am walking each step with purpose.

Anywho, my intent was not to get sappy, just to alert you that I am COMING BACK. Yes stylers, you heard right – hopefully I can arise from the lazy trenches and bring some life back into this seriously dated blog. So keep your eyes peeled for some new Liv Your Style posts – and if you have any thoughts or anything you’d like to see let me know!

Stay Tuned!

Until Tomorrow, Stylers! :)

Manicure Monday – St Patty’s Day Stripes


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While many celebrated the St. Patrick’s Day holiday this past weekend with parades and plenty of beverages, the actual holiday is not until tomorrow the 17th of March! So for today’s Manicure Monday, I’m sharing an easy to-do stripe style inspired by the Irish holiday!

stpattysnailsSimple black tips filled in with a line of green underneath. Solely green on the ring finger so it stands out. An easy, festive manicure to try out for the holiday! Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone. As my gram always says – Wear Your Green!

Layered Up & A Pop of Color


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If there is one thing I cannot wait for, it’s the warmer weather the residents of Maryland claim we receive throughout the year. As exciting as the white walls of my apartment are, I want to get out to explore and take pictures in some of the great Maryland and DC locations! However, for now, my white walls must remain a clean backdrop for some OOTD picture taking. Today’s OOTD is my regular color palette – black and white of course – with a pop of color from my favorite pair of maroon booties!


White Lace Shirt – Express

Black & White Sweater – Jennyfer

Black Circle Skirt – PacSun

Black Tights – Nordstrom Rack

Maroon Boots – Journeys

Layered Necklace – Forever 21

Valentine’s Day Romper


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I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! My V-Day outfit this year was another AMAZING Nordstrom Rack find. Not only on sale, but also 20% off. Thank goodness my boyfriend and I decided to stay in and make dinner this year, because there is no way I would have been able to wear this number in the outside cold. A gorgeous black Topshop romper with colorful birds and silver detailing. It is truly my new favorite article of clothing. Paired with Guess heels.


3 Manicure Must-Haves


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Capturing the perfect manicure may seem impossible when you don’t have time or money to hit the salon for some professional pampering. However, mastering a manicure at home may actually be easier than you think! Today I am sharing three helpful tools that allow you to get that professional look, without having to leave the house!


1. Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield – This clear shield acts as a base and top coat, adding a perfect shine to any at-home manicure. It also protects your polish from chipping and peeling, keeping your nails longer and stronger than they would be with just your polish alone. It runs for about $4-$5 at your local Walmart, Walgreens or similar store, which is a worthy price to pay for a longer lasting, healthier looking manicure!

2. Deep Sea Cosmetics Nail Buffer – I personally use this particular buffer, but any nail buffer in general allows you to keep your nails from peeling and can add some shine to dull or brittle nails. Use this before applying your clear coat and polish to stimulate nail growth and to smooth the nail surface. Shop this similar block on Amazon for just $5.

3. ULTA Nail Polish Remover Pen– Performing your own manicure at home is relatively easy, but when attempting to use your non-dominant hand to paint your opposite one, every girl knows this is when it gets tricky. Nail polish ends up all over the place, especially on your skin around the nail. The ULTA Quick Touch Nail Polish Remover Pen has an easy to use tip (and comes equipped with extras) which can clean up the excess polish better than the old q-tip and nail polish remover trick – which almost always messes up your already completed nails! Available now on the ULTA website for just $5.

These are just a few tools that allow you to easily create a salon worthy manicure, every time – in the comfort of your own home! Until tomorrow, Stylers! :)

Tribal to the Max


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As you may or may not know, I am officially no longer a resident of the state of New York. I now live in Maryland which has been a big change for me, but I have to say I do enjoy the warmer weather! One of the greatest things about MD is that I have found some stores here that weren’t around Upstate. One of my favorites is the Nordstrom Rack – it is now my go-to store for everything fashion. The maxi skirt I’m sharing in my OOTD post today was just $10! While I am still living on a tight budget, it was clearly a sale I couldn’t pass up. Get to shopping at the Nordstrom Rack online now!

Here was the maxi skirt styled in my outfit from last night:



Maxi Skirt – Nordstrom Rack

Shirt – H&M

Boots – Target

And this beautiful necklace previously belonged to my boyfriend’s grandmother so I believed it deserved a shot of its own:

green2That’s just a quick look OOTD today – stay tuned for more upcoming posts on Liv Your Style!

Until tomorrow, Stylers!

Manicure Monday – The True Love Texture


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Valentine’s Day is a mere 5 days away and whether you have a day planned with your someone special or an “I Hate Valentine’s Day” celebration underway, it’s tacit that you want to look your absolute best on V-Day.

Today’s Manicure Monday is one of the easiest manicures I’ve ever done and one of my favorites. The color used is Sally Hansen’s Right Said Red:

rightsaidredWith just three simple sweeps of your favorite nail polish color, you have an intricate looking design that is not difficult at all!


1. Start on the right side of your nail with one sweep of the brush going about halfway down your nail.

2. Just to the left of that stroke (the middle of the nail), create another sweep going a little further down.

3. Finally, create one more sweep on the left side of the nail going even further down, until finishing a little above the nail bed.

Voila – three easy strokes result in a fun looking, floral-esque pattern, perfect for Valentine’s Day! Try it out with a pink or red color for the special day or add sparkles or another layer of darker polish to create an even more detailed look.

Until tomorrow, Stylers!

New Year, New Purchases


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Hello Stylers!

This is my very first post of the New Year – welcome to 2015 everyone! I hope it has been so far, so good. This is a wonderful time of year because it means a fresh start. Everyone is in search of lifestyle changes and ways to improve themselves – including me! My new year’s resolution is to follow through on things when I say I am going to do them which means getting back into this whole blogging thing and trying my best to begin sketching and sewing clothes – one of my lifelong goals. This time of year is also excellent for the fashion girl, as the seasonal styles are changing and the sale racks are flourishing! In preparation of new inventory, some of my favorite stores are having quite amazing sales.

American Eagle is introducing their Legendary Sale which means an ADDITIONAL 50% off all clearance items and Express has an additional 40% off their clearance! Forever 21‘s clearance items are all BOGO free and PacSun is going sale-on-sale with an additional 50% off markdowns. So, if you are looking to shop, this is the time to do it, especially when you have a little bit of that Christmas money lying around!

For today’s post, I am sharing my recent purchases with you! Every item on this style board is from one of the stores mentioned above and all on sale – except for the jewelry from Forever 21 which is always relatively inexpensive.

RecentPurchasesBaroque Lace Tee – Express

Cocoon Sweater – American Eagle

Chambray Shirt – American Eagle

Drop-Chain Choker – Forever 21

Layered Charm Necklace – Forever 21

White Wash Jeans – Pac Sun

Some of these items may not be in stock online, so make sure to check your local stores! These are just a few staple items my wardrobe was missing but there are some great and unique items on those clearance racks – so many the hole burning in my pocket forced me to stop looking. Get on there and check them out!

Until tomorrow Stylers!

Textured Layers


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Hello Stylers –

So today marks my very last day in Rochester – I am officially a college graduate! This means I can FINALLY get back into my blog, so be on the look out for more posts from me! :) Having to send HALF of my closet home in preparation of the big move tomorrow, I had to get a bit creative in my closet this morning. Today’s look is titled textured layers:

TexturedLayersThe black lace top over the white lace tank creates a fun pattern that looks complex, but is actually quite simple! Complete with a black circle skirt, knee high socks and tassel boots!

Shop the featured items to get a similar look!

Lace Top – Abercrombie and Fitch | Necklace – ModCloth | Skirt – PacSun | Thigh Highs – Target

Complete the look with a colored lace tank of your choice and your favorite pair of boots!

I hope you enjoyed this quick post on Liv Your Style – until tomorrow, stylers!


High-Waisted Wonder


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Hello my Lovely Stylers!

It has been obnoxiously too long since I have last posted here and my fingers are just itching to talk fashion with you. This post will be short and sweet, but don’t fret – this slow start is just the beginning of getting Liv Your Style back into full stride! I excitingly/scarily only have about a week and a half of college left – forever. I am ready to move on and take new steps in my life, but there is always that emotion that comes with signing off a chapter indefinitely. But, as I plan on what comes next, my fashion focus will flourish again!

Today, I just quickly want to share with you this amazing pair of olive green high-waisted jeans (You know I love my olive green!). Typically, I steer clear of anything and everything high-waisted, but my boyfriend approved of these jeans that typically get the ‘mom-style’ rep, and fashion is all about trying new things and stepping out of your comfort zone! Which turned out to be a great choice because I absolutely. love. the freaking pants! Here they are:

HighWaistedAnd did I mention they were just $12 from American Eagle? The seam down the front and high zippers just make the jeans for me. Shop them online now!

Paired with a basic off-white short sleeved sweater and beanie from Burlington Coat Factory, scarf from Marshalls, brown boots from TJ Maxx!

Until tomorrow, stylers!


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